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Passionate about Renovations

Throughout Siavash’s journey in the building industry, he’s come across multiple clients who were not happy with their builder’s work, not because the builder is at fault but because of the lack of clear communication and trust between parties wasn’t there.  Siavash wants to be a builder that you can trust from concept to handover.

He loves listening to people’s ideas and turning them into a reality. Gaining satisfaction knowing the client is going to love & enjoy their new home. 

What Siavash loves the most about renovation and extension is the challenge of working on an existing building with all the limitations, and converting it into something your clients want! 

Why Renovare?

Siavash joined the Renovare group because their system makes the renovation process easy, with all the tools and resources in one place! With a brand like Renovare behind him, he can provide unmatched customer service to his clients.


"My goal is to become the number one builder in my area who people can trust and proudly refer to each other." - Siavash

Siavash brings to the market a local builder that customers can feel comfortable in dealing with. Who can trust him from concept to handover!

Renovating in  New Farm

New Farm is one of the most characteristic and oldest suburbs in Brisbane, most of the houses and units in the area are retro pads, fibro dwellings, and heritage homes which will be in desperate need of renovation and/or extension.

With the ever-changing taste in property design, one thing that is consistently at the top of any renovation list is, expanding the living space both externally & internally! 

Whether it’s a house extension, kitchen and bathroom renovation or total house transformation, Siavash will help make the renovation journey is smooth and stress-free.

Siavash's Background

Siavash started his career in the construction & building industry as a structural engineer.

Soon after graduation, Siavash started working on multiple residential and commercial projects as a site engineer and coordinator and continued to do this for 12 years.

Over the last 5 years, Siavash has been working as a builder and a building inspector!.

Siavash & his wife Helia have a girl and a boy which are the joy of our life. In his spare time, Sia enjoys watch movies, read books, and swimming whenever he gets free time!

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